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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 May 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapYet another amazing day in Paris. Not a cloud in the sky. We have been very lucky so far. So where do I start. Last night’s dinner. The Italian restaurant that Mum had found earlier during the day was closed, perhaps it was some sort of public holiday as most things didn’t seem to open at all on Sunday. By coincidence there was another Italian restaurant next door. It was very reasonably priced and they made fresh pasta while you waited. We walked home after dinner as the sun set over Paris at 10pm.

Today was going to be a big day. I went for a walk and bought fresh croissants for breakfast. This was becoming a regular thing. We all got ready for the day and caught the Metro to La Fayette. This is the stop for Galeries Lafayette. Galeries Lafeyette is hard to explain – it is similar to a department store however each designer has their own little shop inside. The whole store is about six levels high and is divided into female and male sections located across the road from each other. The store even features a champagne bar where you can have a glass of Moet to relax after a big day of shopping.

We went for a walk along the streets of the area to have a look around as we knew that the Opera was nearby. There were so many people out enjoying the sunshine, it really brought the City to life. Time to board the Metro again. Next stop - Musée du Louvre. I had forgotten just how big this place was. After queuing for approx. 20 minutes to get through Security we got to enter into the pyramid. There were thousands of people everywhere. I thought that the 10 euro entry fee was very reasonable considering we spent four hours there. That place never ceases to amaze me. They say it would take a person nine months to view every single piece within the Museum. From what we saw my favourite was definitely the Egyptian Antiquities. We were all fascinated by the mummy.

Once we had all had enough it was time to board the Metro yet again. I must admit that Paris has one of the best public transport networks that I have ever come across. There are metro stops everywhere and trains come every five minutes or so. On arrival back at Oberkampf we decided it was time for a quick afternoon drink. I never really thought that 5 euro per beer was that expensive, that was until I went to the supermarket. You can buy a six pack of beer here for less than 4 euro! We are definitely being ripped off in Australia!

We lazed around the apartment for the rest of the afternoon. It might sound boring but it is fascinating just lying on the couch people watching and listening to everyone at the café outside.

Lauren x