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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapThe day began with a visit to the local markets just down the road. This is where the locals shop. You can buy anything here – fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, flowers, cheese, bread, clothing, etc. We walked the streets and bought a feast fit for kings. The plan was to have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best so we decided to move the picnic to our lounge room floor. Our selection included olives, tapenade, cherries, strawberries, mandarins, five varieties of cheeses, meats and fresh baguettes. Of course the picnic wouldn’t have been complete without a bottle of wine and a few beers.

After lazing around the apartment for a while, Georgia and I decided to go for a walk. I am not really sure where we went. It was mainly for exercise. It was nice to experience some different sights while catching a glimpse of the sunshine. I decided that since I had done some exercise for the day it was time to try a chocolate éclair! It was delicious but I could only eat half of it. I am not sure what held me back, perhaps the sweet flavours or the fact that I knew that it was going straight to my butt!

Later in the afternoon we caught the Metro to the Cathédrale Notre Dame. This place is beautiful. It is a massive gothic, catholic cathedral with many stained glass windows. You are welcomed to freely walk throughout, while observing the mass taking place.

After catching the Metro back to the apartment Dad cooked us dinner with some of the fresh produce we had bought from the markets. It was definitely one of the best meals we had ever had!

Lauren x