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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Location: Paris, France

MapToday started with a bowl of Special K. Time to lay off the croissants for a while I figured. We had to get going early as a repairman was coming to fix the washing machine in the apartment. First stop Ė the Eiffel Tower. We caught the Metro to Trocardero. I was surprised by the number of people trying to illegally sell souvenirs. I donít want to be racist but they were all black and I assume they are all illegal immigrants and perhaps thatís why they canít get real jobs. I will get back to them laterÖ.

For some reason when I woke up today I decided today would be the day I walked up the Eiffel Tower. When I was here last time we caught the elevator. I am really keen to get in shape and I know my behind could definitely do with walking up the 1,652 stairs! Dad decided to take the stairs with me while Mum and Georgia caught the elevator. We had a plan of meeting up on the first floor. Dad and I waited around for a while when we found out the elevator doesnít stop on the first floor. Up to the second floor we went. We spent about 15 minutes looking but no sign of them! I caught the elevator back to the first floor to have another search and do the walk back up the stairs to the second floor. My butt was definitely hating life by this stage. After Dad and I had given up looking and were just about to catch the elevator to the very top (no stairs available unfortunately) we finally found them! They had walked down to the first floor, had a look around, and then walked back up to the second floor. Looks like we all got our fair share of exercise in today!

The view from the top floor of the Tower was breathtaking. We were walking back to the Metro station when we saw about 30 black men run as fast as they possibly could past us. The Police were out and about. I donít know if I have ever seen anyone move as quickly as this one cop. He wasnít leaving without an arrest. Of course the old guy got arrested as he was the slowest. I thought the cop was going to use his baton on him for a moment. It seems as though their business is unwelcomed and there are many signs advising so around the place. It was a bit of entertainment for the day anyway.

Next stop was the Arc De Triomphe. This was the first time Georgia and I had got to see this up close as last time we didnít get a chance. Absolute chaos. We read that all the insurance companies were sick of arguing who was at fault that all claims are now split equally. We then went for a walk down the Avenue Des Champs Elysees. People everywhere out and about. Again made me realise just how much we are ripped off in Australia Ė less than 4 euro to see a movie at the cinema over here!

Georgia and I have been enjoying the apartment to ourselves this afternoon while having a few drinks as Mum and Dad have gone out. Mum is off to a magazine launch of some kind that she organised through work. I assume that Dad is probably putting a few away at a bar nearby. Well we are off to explore the area to find somewhere to have dinner! Talk to you soon.

Lauren x