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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 May 2011

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

MapDay 6 – At sea: Today was a day at sea, meaning that there are no stopovers. We didn’t do too much which was nice – just worked on our tans, ate, etc. We got ready for dinner early as it was formal night again. We managed to get ourselves upgraded to the nicer restaurant for dinner. The food was beautiful and we were all waiting to see what the ‘surprise dessert’ was. The lights dimmed and out came each waiter with a Baked Alaska with flames pouring from the top. Everyone started cheering. Then out came the chefs and the maître Dees. It was very exciting and there was champagne flowing freely, they definitely like to celebrate. After dinner Georgia and I decided to hit the disco, to our surprise it was absolutely packed – the other night when we went out there weren’t many people around. We had a few drinks and enjoyed dancing to the international music.

Day 7 – Dubrovnik, Croatia: Wow. I know I am tending to say that word a lot but it is so beautiful here. The weather was perfect yet again. Unfortunately our stopover in Dubrovnik was only a few hours long. We caught a taxi into the Old Town to do some exploring. We walked around a very large wall that surrounds the Town. To walk the whole wall takes about 2 hours, we decided to give up after an hour and have lunch. The food was amazing, no surprise here. After lunch we had to make the trek back to the ship. We had planned on catching a taxi back as it takes approximately an hour to walk but the next thing we knew was that every single taxi in the city was on strike. We weren’t sure why, working conditions I guess. Luckily there was a public bus service that we were able to catch. Our last night on the cruise was nice and it will be said to get off tomorrow.

Lauren x