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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 May 2011

Location: Bournemouth, England

MapSo as you can tell we all survived Doomsday. I didnít even know that Saturday was the day until just before boarding the plane to London! At least I sat in an emergency exit row just in case something happened! Our flight arrived half an hour early and there was no queue to get through Immigration which was a change. We picked up our hire car and finally found our hotel. Mum and Dad driving in a foreign country is not a good idea Ė Mum tends to rely on Google for directions rather than printing out a map so as soon as you make a wrong turn you are completely lost. So I guess you can tell how much fun our two hour trip from Gatwick to Bournemouth was the following morning!

We eventually made it to our hotel and went for a walk down the road to The Galleon Ė pub of the year for 2011! It deserves this title. The food was beautiful and the beer went down nicely. We didnít do much for the rest of the day we as had a very big day the day before. We went to a different pub for dinner Ė Globe Inn. It was nice too but couldnít beat The Galleon.

Today has been another quite day. It is a bit cold probably around 14 degrees and we are only in a small town so there isnít much to see. We are hoping to catch up with our friends later on in the day. It is sad for us as the purpose of our visit to Bournemouth was to visit our friend Brenda, who unfortunately passed away a week before we left. No doubt there will be another visit to a pub or two before Georgia and I head off to Barcelona in the morning. Mum and Dad will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur for a few nights before returning to the Gold Coast on Monday morning.

Lauren x

PS. AJ, I just went down the road to the store and bought a block of Galaxy and a packet of Hobnobs! I am saving the Pot Noodles for the way back. Make sure you send me your list!