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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Location: Barcelona, Spain

MapDrama drama drama. Where do I start? Mum and Dad dropped us off at Luton Airport with plenty of time to spare. The flight went well and we caught the train into the city. First problem – as I was taking the itinerary out of my bag once we arrived at Barcelona Airport I noticed that I had booked the hostel for the wrong dates, not sure how that happened. We took our chances and thought we would still turn up as it was a Tuesday and we expected them to have two beds available. We were wrong. It took us about half an hour walking the streets looking for the hostel before someone finally pointed us in the right direction. That was when we were told that they were fully booked. The man was very helpful though and called a few other places, they were also booked. He let me go on my laptop to have a look on the internet and offered us a shower, etc if we needed one. I found a hostel on the other side of the city that had an availability. Back on the train we went.

This one was a little easier to find. It is five stories high and in a very good tourist location. We both have top bunks as we were the last two in the room. The rooms are clean but the staff could learn how to smile. Well that was a relief to know that we have somewhere to sleep, well that is until Friday night. We will most likely stay at a hotel somewhere as most of the hostels are fully booked.

We decided to go for a walk and have a drink. Just down the street we found a cute little bar called the Wild Turkey Tavern. One of the bartenders is the same age as me and is from Sydney so we all enjoyed having a chat. While we were there they started telling us about a pub crawl that starts from their bar. We decided to give it a go. We only made it to the third pub/bar as we had drunk a little too much – one dollar drinks and a lot of free shots, you can’t blame us!

Unfortunately I left my purse in the taxi (well we think that is where it ended up). Luckily there was no money in it and only my driver’s licence. Oh, and the key to my locker! We went down to Reception around 10.00am to use the master key to open it up for me so I could get my clothes, makeup, etc. It wasn’t opened until 2.00pm! So half our day was wasted sitting on our bunks. We decided we would have tapas for lunch. We found a restaurant that a girl was raving on about yesterday, it wasn’t anything special unfortunately. We are going to have a quite one tonight as we plan on doing a lot of sightseeing tomorrow.

Lauren x