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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 May 2011

Location: Ibiza, Spain

MapWow. Last night was crazy. We went to the Space Opening Fiesta. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We had bought our tickets during the day and had opted with the choice of turning up whenever we wanted. Cheaper tickets were available but you had to arrive prior to 6.00pm, etc. After drinking a bottle of vodka in our apartment we decided we would head in around 11.30pm. Luckily we had learnt that the club was only a five minute walk down the street. I cannot believe the size of that place. It was like being at a music festival. There were six different rooms with different dj’s playing – I loved the rooftop. There were people everywhere, thousands of them, a lot of them were English but I am yet to hear another Australian accent! We partied the night away and it wouldn’t have been complete without a pizza on the way home.

We slept most of the day away today as we experienced our first day of bad weather in just less than four weeks! A massive thunder storm rolled in and it poured for a few hours. Things appear as they are starting to clear up outside at the moment, just in time to get ready and go out for a few drinks and dinner. I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow so we can explore some of the beautiful beaches on this island!

Lauren x