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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Jun 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain

MapSo I was right about not having a big day yesterday. We started the day around 11.00am with a trip to the Reina Sofia Ė a museum. Maybe I have seen enough art to last me a lifetime but I donít really understand what the fuss is all about. I donít understand why half of what I saw yesterday is famous and worth so much? I am sure there is logic behind it and I am sure my statements have probably offended a few people but I guess itís just my point of view. So you can probably guess that the visit to the museum didnít last long, after three hours and only half covered we decided to call the quits. Being tired and hung over didnít help the case either.

We went to the supermarket and bought a few groceries for lunch and dinner. Please donít be alarmed but I have been consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables from SPAIN! Watch out! I havenít tried a cucumber yet though. It is funny how big of a news story it is back in Australia yet I have not spoken to one person over here that knew of the outbreak. I thought I better look more into the story none the less and it appears that they have no idea where the outbreak originated but have proved it wasnít Spanish cucumbers! Plus it is only people from Germany that have been affected and we are staying well away from that place.

We had a few bottles of wine with dinner last night and hadnít planned on going out but unfortunately we all got told to go to bed or go out at 11.30pm. Usually this is just as we are starting to have fun so sure enough we usually go out. I didnít make it to bed until 3.00am again but Georgia holds the record with 6.00am. I am sure she would be happy to sleep all day but I am about to go down to the supermarket and grab a few things for a picnic and wake her to go to a park for lunch. No doubt tonight will be another big one as it is Friday. We are all planning on going to tapas for dinner then out afterwards. I will let you know how it goes.

Lauren x