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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Jun 2011

Location: Madrid, Spain

MapWe havenít done much sightseeing whilst in Madrid but I have fallen in love with one of the beautiful parks. It all started with our picnic on Friday. I did end up going to the supermarket and making a few salad baguettes to enjoy with our bottle of wine. We found a nice grass hill to picnic on and sat in the sun for several hours, it was very relaxing. After a while we decided to walk and explore the park. I think it took us over an hour to find the lake, just proves how big this place is! Once we found the lake we hired a row boat for an hour and paddled around. It was a lot of fun.

That night we went out with about 50 other people from our hostel as well as another for tapas, more like a bar/pub crawl. It was a rip off but fun. We found an Irish pub afterwards and we had four euro pints with a free shot of whatever you wanted. Things got pretty messy and we didnít end up getting home until 6am.

We slept in til after midday yesterday to recover. I decided that I was taking our new friends, Blake and Mike from USA and Rosie from England to the park. I loved it there! I made some food for us and off we headed with our three bottles of wine. We did the whole grass hill thing as well as the row boats; we got two as the five of us wouldnít fit in one. We rowed out in to the middle of the lake and drifted around for an hour or so. Unfortunately on our walk home it started to pour with rain. We didnít let it ruin our day and had a lot of fun while getting absolutely saturated!

Last night was our last night in Madrid sadly. The five of us went to a beautiful tapas bar and enjoyed our first paella and some sangria. We didnít have a big night, going to bed at 3am, well I did, I am not sure what time the others did as they are all still in bed! We are off to Lisbon, Portugal later today. Rosie is also heading that way so we are hoping to catch up again soon. I think today we will go on the walking tour and to the food markets for lunch before we head off.

Lauren x