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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Jun 2011

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

MapI have fallen back in to my old ways of not updating my blog on a regular basis! I am hoping to change that.

Our last day in Madrid was relaxing. We didn’t do too much – went to the food markets and bought some fresh tapas as well as a few churros (donut sticks filled with caramel, chocolate or cream) on the way home. We had to leave after lunch as we had an afternoon flight to Lisbon. The flight was the shortest of my life, 55 minutes to be exact, but it was definitely the most turbulent! We caught the Aerobus into the city and found our hostel pretty easily, although we hadn’t realised that Lisbon is the “City of Hills” or something along those lines. They are everywhere and they are steep! Our hostel is absolutely beautiful; it is only six months old and was previously a music school. I love having a wine out on the terrace overlooking the water. We went out for dinner on our first night to a beautiful Portuguese restaurant up the street. It was very cheap and the food was amazing.

Yesterday we decided we would do a day trip out to the historic town of Sintra, 40 minutes away. We had a little bit of trouble finding the train station but got to see a few of the streets on the way. Once we arrived in Sintra we decided to have some lunch. We stopped in at a cute little café that sold beautiful, cheap food. Once lunch was finished we continued on foot into the historic centre of the town. It took around 20 minutes to walk and we did some exploring once we got there. We even managed to visit one of the many palaces, however we ran out of time to see any of the castles. We were feeling very tired and decided to catch the tourist train back to the train station. After waiting half an hour for the train to turn up, we paid our 5 euro each and waited for it to leave. Just as we were about to disembark we found out that the train was a circuit train and had no stops. We wasted about an hour of the day and 10 euros. Once returning to the historic centre we had to invest in two raincoats as it started to pour and it was freezing. It was a little hard to enjoy the day with weather like that. We bought a few groceries and had dinner at the hostel.

Today we met up with Rosie, one of our friends we made in Madrid, as well as her brother. We caught another train out to Cascais – a beautiful beach town. We hired free push bikes for the day and did a lot of exploring. It was so much fun riding around and Cascais was the perfect place to do it. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but the sun did manage to shine for an hour or two. The four of us are going to have a few drinks at our hostel tonight before going out to dinner, we have planned to go back to the yummy Portuguese restaurant. I can’t wait!

Lauren x