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Lauren & Georgia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Jun 2011

Location: Lagos, Portugal

MapThings have been pretty quiet since my last entry. We havenít done a whole lot except lay at the beach most of the day. Last night we had a few drinks at the hostel then decided to explore the town. I somehow managed to start talking to an old guy who is a fire fighter. He invited us in to the station and gave us a tour; we even managed to get in one of the ambulances for a photo. Talk about random. We walked down to the beach and had a few wines while looking at the stars. Unfortunately most people at this hostel are Australian and remind me why I choose not to have many friends back home Ė I donít know if I have ever met anyone so obnoxious compared to a few people staying here. It is such a pity as Lagos is such a beautiful town but overrun with immature party animals.

We have to get a lift to the airport at 6.45am in the morning so we will definitely be having an early one tonight. I didnít realise when booking our flights that the airport is an hour away so our budget will be blown for tomorrow, luckily we had a very cheap day today. Georgia and I canít wait to be in Dublin this time tomorrow! Iíll be sure to keep you updated and take many photos.

Lauren x