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Greg’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Jul 2013

Location: Amalfi, Italy

Map20 July Sat
On the minibus at 9.30 for trip to Amalfi. What a drive this is high up along the cliffs with amazing views out over the mediterannean. Our driver is very skilled as it is a very narrow road with cars parked along it most of the way and buses trying to squeeze past each other. They always need to be looking ahead anticipating where they will find a small gap where they can just get past. It's not a road I would like to drive along. Quite a few cyclists on the road but you have to be skilled and have nerves of steel to ride this road and be able to hold a straight line in very confined spaces. The cars parked along the road don't help but they are allowed to be there as it is the only way they can access the beaches. Here you don't stake your beach out and claim it like we do. You have to pay to get onto the beach and hire umbrellas. There is no sand either, just pebbles. But the weather is awesome. No wind and sunshine, approx 33 degrees. It is very hazy here and impossible to see the horizon. The sea and the sky just blend in together.
Our "Spanish" family travelled with us today. It's just us and them and we have now got to know them. They are actually Brazillian and the dad speaks good English. They are a very nice family but the first drama happened early today. Gramps left his jumper back at Sorrento. The people at the hotel here are very nice and said they would organize to get it for them.
If we thought the last hotel was nice this one lifts the bar once more. It is awesome, high up on the cliffs overlooking the sea. It has a large pool and a bar that is built into a cave in the mountain. The views are as spectacular as you could possibly hope for. Our room is unbelievable. It has its own large balcony with deck chairs and umbrella overlooking the sea. It's actually more like a villa and it is the sort of room we could spend the whole time in and just read or sun bake and look out at all the boats going by on the Mediterranean. We are surrounded by lemon trees, vines and olive trees that are terraced all the way down the mountain. The room wasn't ready when we arrived so we got the hotel courtesy bus to the centre of town. It goes every hour. The hotel is high up on the mountain and it isn't really possible to walk down as the road is too narrow and there is no footpath. There might be a goat track down there so we will do a it of exploring tomorrow. cars and busses have only inches to spare when they go past each other and there is no room for walkers. The buses have to continually toot their horns to let other cars and buses know they are coming around corners.