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Greg’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Jul 2013

Location: Amalfi, Italy

Map21 July Sunday
Last day of TDF and Froome has it wrapped up. The boys all tried but he was too good. The only remaining interest is who will win the sprint into Paris. I'm watching as I do this entry and I'm tipping Kittel. He seems to have had an edge this year in straight sprints but I'm hoping Cav will do it again. I don't think Goss is up to it.
Breakfast in the hotel this morning was top class as they all have been. Got the hotel courtesy bus to town (about 20 mins slow trip down and around the mountain). Went into Amalfi and got on the local hop on hop off bus to Revello 25 mins away. Another small village with all the tourist shops etc but nowhere near as busy as Amalfi. Went through Rufolo Villa when we arrived and this was well worth the trip. Very old dating back centuries and has magnificent gardens and views out over the sea. Every year they construct a stage out over the cliff, suspended in mid air and have concerts there. They were getting ready for one while we were there. Seating for about 300 and it seems they have mainly classical and jazz concerts. The Italians love their classical music and they have annual festivals in a lot of cities. Stayed in the town for most of the day and bought a few momentos. Came back about 3.30 to hotel. At about 6 a huge storm came through and lasted about an hour. All the boats made a mad dash for the shore as the storm dumped hail everywhere. It reminded me of the storms that come through Darwin each afternoon and when they finish everything smells fresh and it dries very quickly. Had dinner and get back to the room in time to watch the sprint into Paris, won by Kittel as I had guessed.