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Greg’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013

Location: Rome, Italy

Map23 July Tuesday
Breakfast at hotel ordinary compared to standard of previous ones but still quite adequate. Our hotel  room is only 80 per night and that includes breakfast as they are at most hotels we have been to.
We walk to Colloseum for our morning tour and find our way to our tour leader quite easily. 3.5 hour walking tour is very hot about 37 we think. We go thru heaps of water. There are plenty of fountains with drinking water in Rome and the fountains are largely fed by viaducts built by the Romans centuries ago. We understand it is properly filtered these days. The tour guide is very good and has a degree in Archeology as some other tour guides do also. They are all very knowledgeable. A reasonable part of the Roman forum has been somewhat preserved. There were 1.5 million in the city at around the birth of Christ. There are about 4 million now. It is a bustling city that runs at a frenetic pace. The crowds at the Colloseum are large but not as bad as I expected. We get through without too much hassle but I would not like to be standing out in the sun for 2 hours in the queue for general admission as it is hot and very little shade.
We walk back to our hotel after the tour and I do my blog, which I subsequently accidentally delete - bugger!! We walk to our next tour which starts near the Spanish Steps and Palazzo Spagna. This is about 20 mins walk and is a vibrant shopping area with all the top brands so it is expensive. Cafes everywhere and people sitting on the steps and buskers. Our tour of Rome at night starts at a restaurant Antico Enoteca where wenhave very nice Horses Doevres and a glass of wine. This walking and bus tour goes for 4 hours and takes us through the centre with many of the major attractions like Fontana di Trevi, Spanish Steps, Piazza Novana, Pantheon. We throw a couple of coins into the fountain and hope for the best. The crowds there are huge and you need to watch for Gypsy pick pockets. We go to a hill to get views of the city at night and St Peters Basillica and then finish up at the Colloseum which is very impressive by night. Rome is very vibrant by night with thousands of people out and about at cafes and just walking around. We walk back to the hotel and have a pizza on the way at about 11pm.