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Kylies’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Mar 2007

Location: Budapest, Hungary


This was one of my favourite places in the journey. It is like Prague but bigger with the big river Danube, and the big bridge guarded by the huge stone lions. It is cheap as well, so eating out was great, as was stocking up on some souveniers.

I will keep it short as I am sure I will tell you all lots about Budapest in person.

We did all the things in the castle walls in Buda (on the over side of the river) Fishermans Basque, St Mathers church etc. I can't beleive I can remember all the names still! (may have got them a little bit wrong).

One of the highlights was the baths in Pest - Schezleck baths? (was some long Hungarian name) - they were lovely and the whirl pool was so fun - I've never seen one of these before in Australia.


I was very sick in Prague, which sort of wrecked the experience a little. I ended up having to go to a Doctor (who spoke no English and used a typewriter!). There was a nice girl in the wating room who asked me straight away if I would like her to come in and interpret.

It is however a very musical cultured city with performances on all the time. We went to see the maronettes - wooden puppets - Don Giovani.

It is beautiful, but there are so many tourists! Even at this cold time of year and lots of noisy northern English boys stag nights on the weekend. We were staying right in the middle of it all, and were frequently woken up by them.

Well - that is it in short - will update you with my British working time (not so interesting ; ) ) now.