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Kylies’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Mar 2007

Location: Scotland Ayr, UK


November 6th - February 10th:

This was my first job as a locum pharmacist in the UK. It was cold! But bareable. Apparently it is a warm winter.

I didn't get to go to Arran as the weather was not good and it is mainly for outdoor stuff. Would have been particularly boring if I was on my own, stuck in a hotel and it rained the whole time. The place pretty much closes down over winter. Also, you need to get to Ardrossan to catch the ferry and if it is rough they simply don't run. So after exhausting the touristy opportunities in Ayr - namely Robert Burns stuff - his cottage etc, and having my share of big hot spiced coffees/chocolate at BeanScene, I would head into Glasgow on most weekends so I could do indoor winter activities - museums, churches, shopping. Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis are amazing. Especially the painted bosses in some of the rooms in the undercroft. Everything was free to get into which is also good. I think they do charge for the church in the 'on' season. Went to St Mungos Museum and Kelvingrove. Didn't really travel anywhere while I was here, except for up to Fort William/Ben Nevis for one weekend. It was really really cold. So cold and so much wetness in the air that you just got wet through and your eyeballs felt like they were ferezing - you needed covering over your face as well. There was only snow on the top though (for advanced only) so we didn't go skiing, but instead went indoors at Extreme or Escape, I can never remember the name. The snow slope there is really huge! and the first time I went there I stupidly went on the big slope! It was so scary. You actually have to be grade 4 skiing or above. I only went up just half way and it was still so scary. Completely different from the easy one which anyone can do in Adelaide. The slope of this one was at least 45 degrees and at least 200m + long. I'm not entirely sure as I never went up to the very top.

Not much else that I can think of from Scotland at the moment. My boss took me to the Victorian Christmas at Culzean Castle with her 2y old, which was nice, and I walked to a castle wreck along the Ayr beach front.

There are lots of red heads in Scotland. I did notice that. There are also lots of people called Lindsey. People also say funny things. Here are a few that come to mind:

- 'thats me' or 'thats you' at the end of sentences and sometimes in sentences - like for example when someone has arrived somewhere - 'thats me here' or when you have finshed packing up your shopping bags - 'thats you' They sort of sing it and their voice goes up at the end of the sentence.
- 'so it is', 'so she was', 'so they were', 'so it was' etc. at the end of sentences. My boss was particularly notorious for this one. She would say it at the end of practically every single sentence!! It is completely unecessary and I found it very strange. She didn't even seem to think about what tence etc. she was using and often got it wrong in relation to the sentence before. It was very wierd. But I guess they thought I spoke pretty strange as well.
- the way they say maybe - ma. be is also really cute. You have to hear it. And snobbery and pepper - two funny example of how I completely misunderstood something. : )

There are also lots of nice golfcourses - Prestwick and Troon. I would pass them on the train ride to Glasgow. I lived near Prestwick - near the beach actually, not that I ever went there really. I went on the beach in Ayr - and it would be very picturesque in the summer the greeness and and the little houses on the hills around the bay, but there was a bit too much haze.

There were also lots of bagpipes - esp on Nov 11th and I was privleged to see what a Scot wears under his kilt ; ) There were also lots of Scotty dogs - really stocky muscley little things they are. Nothing like the ones in Australia. They come in black and white. They were often running over the huge grassy plane which comes before the beach.

xoxo Love Kylies