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Kylies’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Mar 2007

Location: Newcastle, UK


February 10th --> ? ?

Well, now that I'm in Geordie Land (also known as Newcastle) I should have lots of other funny dialect to report...........If only I could understand it! It's quite embarrasing really. There are a few people at work who I just simply CAN. NOT. understand. I'm always saying 'what was that?' and then turning to look at them so at least I can mouth read a bit. Sometimes they will even break it down for me and say the first part of the sentence and pause to make sure I understand thus far.................'No, didn't understand one word of that'. Thats when I look to someone nearby for interpretation help. They speak really bad english. Even official signs here are written in really bad english. Its pretty funny. When you are walking round Marks and Spencers (conveniently located right next to our hospital in the city centre!) You listen to very large parts of conversations spoken in another language only to suffer a jolt of shock a few minutes later when you catch an English word and realise it was English! The term 'Spoken
English' is really quite a broad term. : )

At the moment I am searching for a place to live. I will have been in the nurses home for a month at the end of this week - way too long for a place with out showers or washing machines to use. Truly Squalid.

I should have been looking harder earlier on, but just been busy. On my first weekend here I stayed in Manchester partying with friends (my birthday). It was also Chinese New Year on the Sunday, and when we eventually dragged ourselves out into the sunny day (no, not joking, it really was, saturday and sunday were both sunny days, almost too hot in my winter gear) we caught the celebrations in Manchester China Town and got some cheapish chinesish food from the street stalls. The place was packed. Everyone wanted to see the dragon.

xoxo Kylies