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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2011

Location: Shanghai, China

MapFirst of all, I'm too old and tired to be embarrassed that I didn't get a subway map and travel the city by myself. Instead, I took an afternoon tour. Our tour guide explained the whole Tibet controversy thus: In Tibet, there are only rich people and poor people; there is no middle class. When the Communists went to Tibet, they explained that people must be equal economically. That made the Dalai Lama mad because he was one of the richest people in Tibet, so he quit. Now, the Chinese government is talking to him, hoping he will come home.

The first stop was to the Jade Buddha Temple. The huge jade Buddha is not allowed to be photographed. It was carved from one giant piece of jade and is magnificent. The temple has over 100 monks.

Our second stop was the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, designed to show what Shanghai will look like in the future and to celebrate 90 years of communism. Lots of propaganda.

I ate dinner at the international restaurant at my hotel--lots of different countries represented by bad food. They advertise "live pizza oven" and I must say, that live pizza was the best thing I had.