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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Jul 2011

Location: Wuhan, China

MapIt's after 8 at night here and the temperature is 96 with a "feels like" of 107. I guess this is what the weather is usually like. Luckily, we have private hotel rooms where we can adjust the a/c but I must say, these are the most uncomfortable beds in the world. I put one of the comforters over the mattress for some kind of padding. After the first night, I actually looked to make sure I was sleeping on a is indeed a mattress but I don't know how they make it so hard.

Yesterday, some of us went to Tailor Street and some people were measured for silk pajamas. The tailors thought the big-boobed Americans were pretty funny and we're sure they were saying stuff like "look at the knockers on that one." Not to mention, bellies and hips. I decided against custom made anything--I just couldn't think of an occasion where I would need tailored pajamas.

So, two weeks down and one to go. We newcomers are a little disappointed that the students are (a) dropping out; (b) falling asleep; and (c) being rude. We thought Chinese students are used to giving the teachers their utmost respect and would be "rapt" with attention. Not true. I think it's a case of "these young people today." Either that or someone told them, it was a fun summer program where they didn't have to learn anything. Theoretically, we're teaching the Chinese teachers to conduct more interactive classes but I'm not convinced we're any more successful than they are.

We have big plans for the weekend including seeing yet another temple and lotus pond but there's a distinct possibility that activity will be rained out. On Sunday, two people are having a birthday party for themselves complete with pizza. Since I feel like I'm starving to death on our hotel food, that will be nice. We had Chinese pizza last night at a bar and it was a welcome change from noodles. Tonight, I went to a restaurant where they served The French Goose Lives Cow Select. I didn't order it. I did have chocolate milk tea which was as bad as it sounds. Apparently, the Chinese have only crazy straws because that's what you get with every drink.