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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Jul 2011

Location: Wuhan, China

MapThis experience rates in my top 5 of all times--having my hair washed and styled in China. The other teachers raved about it but I hadn't had time to go because it takes an hour. No exaggeration--this guy had his fingers in my hair for 40 minutes straight. They have some magic shampoo they use and they give a head massage as they wash your hair. They also massage your neck, temple, and do accupressure--honestly, it will cure what ails you. Then they serve you hot water as they blow dry and style your hair. I don't know why we have to drink hot water, but I did it.

The usual cost for this service is about 25 yuan which is around $4 but one of our teachers who speaks Chinese came in with me and negotiated it for 15 or under $3. She told them all the teachers will come but will only pay 15 yuan. They will not take tips. I can't wait to try to negotiate this deal with my hairdresser in Cincinnati.

My Mexican teacher friend has an interesting story--she speaks Chinese because she spent a year in China when she worked for a Mexican marketing company. Mexico was trying to sell coffee to China so she and about 100 other salespeople spent a year here. Unfortunately, China didn't want coffee at that time. Now there's a Starbucks on every corner. Same prices as American Starbucks but very popular. Now even the cold tea and fruit drink stands carry iced coffee drinks.