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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Jul 2011

Location: Wuhan, China

MapLast day in the furnace of China. I can't imagine a hotter, more humid climate...but wait, I'm coming back to Cincinnati.

The closing ceremony was three hours long. Each homeroom did a performance, with mixed results. My homeroom was good--two of the students could be professional singers but the students chose 6 soloists, 4 of whom can't sing very well. It's that equality thing.

These students are absolute delights; on the other hand, it's like teaching 12 year olds. As a joke "award," I gave my students rubber bracelets that say "Terrific Student" on them--they've been wearing them for two weeks. Although they can sing and love karaoke, they have no rhythm, clap any time but on the beat, and have no sense of showmanship. They're also not very athletic--I learned that they take P.E. two days a week throughout their education but I don't know what they learn, outside of badminton. They're really childish but it's refreshing to teach students who are delighted by the simplest things. They love games like Simon Says...well, maybe they only like it in English.

Apparently, it was a banner year for the Wuhan program. Every one of the 30 teachers managed to stay well for three weeks and not need a sub. No sprained ankles or such, either, which would necessitate going home--this university is not accessible at all, even for people who can walk. Despite all that, I would definitely recommend this program to people who can tolerate the heat, the stink, and the workload...and can learn how to dodge cars and scooters.

Back to Shanghai just for two nights and then the LONG trip back.