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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Jul 2011

Location: China

MapNow ain't this a bitch? In typical Delta fashion, they cancelled my flight--I wouldn't have known it since they didn't email me but I tried to check in and got the message. I didn't care about checking in for the international flight but I wanted to check in to the Detroit-Cincy flight. Don't worry, they said, we've booked you on another flight at an inconvenient time at NO CHARGE. Of course, they didn't notice I had another flight booked from Detroit. The China office isn't open today so I made a run to the airport but Delta doesn't have a ticket office there. Finally, I figured out how to change the flight to the same time the next day (they had me arriving in Detroit at 9 p.m. but of course, there wouldn't be a flight to Cincinnati that late.) So, theoretically, I'll be home at the same time, one day later. I'll have to pay $150 to change the Detroit-Cincy flight but I doubt I can get thru to them on the phone since everyone else will be calling. I'm register a complaint but I doubt that will do any good.

That made me so mad, I almost ordered "streaky meat with green chili" for dinner or "deep fried strong-smelling preserved bean curd." But I had been to the Italiano Gelato place and already had Hazelnut Kissing ice cream.

Another thing I love about China is that you can get a great meal for $4 or a coffee from Starbucks or an ice cream from Dairy Queen--your choice.