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V, that China Doll’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Aug 2011

Location: China

MapAh--the Maglev. A true engineering the Germans. The seats are uncomfortable--I'm not sure about the VIP area; I wouldn't spring for the extra money. The top speed varies depending on the weather but both times I rode it, it reached 301 km/h. It begins at the airport and goes to a Metro stop which no one is interested in so it's no surprise that mostly people flying into Shanghai take it and then get a cab. I wouldn't have taken it with all my luggage but with nothing, it was kind of fun. The Metro station is just across the street so I made a trip to the pedestrian mall. It was fun to be somewhere with no cars. The stores were too upscale for me, though--Guess, Levis, etc. I ate at a good restaurant, though, and the food was much better than here at the airport restaurant where the food is both terrible and expensive.

Here's hoping I get out of here tomorrow. I'm out of ideas about what to do in Shanghai.