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Clare’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Sep 2011

MapFirstly, you may have noticed that Tuesday's blog just went up, you may not have, either way if you missed it go back (if your bothered) it makes sense of the reference to 'other volunteers' on yesterdays blog.

The thunder is booming outside Merica but do we care....hell no because today we finished the house. Today i was much more helpful and every muscle aches....HAPPY.
Me and Fred borrowed a motorbike and headed to the hardware shop this morning to buy the roof, plastic for the side covering and 2 more hammers to prevent yesterdays hammer shortage drama. The other volunteers and our Lindsay and Steve headed up to the slum. With the purchasing done we rolled we the huge sheets of corrugated metal then had to strap lengthways across the bike. This seemed mental but Fred informed me no other means of transport could get up the strap path to the slum and across the piles of 'shite'. I jumped on another bike with the hammers and roll of plastic and we wizzed up. Fred did not look to stable and took up the width of the road but fair play, we did it.
Some of the crew including Steve got the roof all nailed on, a long laborious job. The rest of us hammered in more horizontal beams to the frame. Today i kept a hammer in my hand and when i was hounded by the locals 'let me help, give me this' i simply snapped and said 'no, i bought this hammer and im going to bloody use it'. Now this may sound harsh but i was that bored yesterday and dying to get stuck in i did not care and it payed off. When it came to hammering the plastic to the outside my arm was strong and my aim dam perfect. We worked away until 12.30 and when Fred said 'lets just stay till its done' i was not only on the mark i was fast as feck. Really proud. So much so ill be partaking in more DIY hammering jobs at home (sorry Meeko).
In one of the short breaks in hammering (passing onto the local fella's who were zipping through the hard bits) a lady came with some stuff to sell. I purchased a bag made of plastic bags collected on the slum, its amazing, along with a few necklaces and bracelets made from newspapers and magazines with beads. They are stunning. All for 1400 (about 10 squid but i did haggle) ill be going back for more.

Anyways, off to the gym since im feeling so butch......grrrrrr

Ta Ta