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Clare’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Sep 2011

MapIll be updating about our crazy Saturday later as its on my phone notes which just ran out of charge. So ill fill you in on Sunday and today.
OWCH is the only word for it. Woke up with a banging headache at 7am. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth using Steves toothbrush and paste as i had last night. As i did so i remembered how utterly disgusting the toothpaste had been the night before. I had been staggering abut the bathroom shouting to Steve about how rank and manly tasting it was and 'how could anyone use this stuff' but Steve was sleeping and i was talking to myself. I wandered out of the bathroom to bring this issue up again and Steve began laughing hysterically. Id been brushing my teeth with shaving foam. Lindsay was nearly wetting her pants as was I. Who makes shaving foam in a toothpaste tube, who does that, it even said Max Menthol and shaving foam in tiny writing. I felt sick.
We went down for breakfast, did not go down as well as yesterday at all. When we got back to the room it all came back out again (sorry for the detail). We booked out at 10 and left our luggage at reception and headed for the pool, the sun was amazing so basically the whole day was spent there. We had a gym session around 5pm and Lindsay did a 10K run on the treadmill. Crazy lady. Then home. Early night.
Back to work today. We woke early to visit the land Great Places bought last year in the next town. What a crazy ride, it was the bumpiest drive my head hit the roof at least 10 times and that was in the 4x4 car of Alex's. We had a look, its in a beautiful farming area called Ol Karao. Alex's tribe are from this area they are one of Kenya's largest and richest tribes. The land is set in beautiful rolling hills of green and is very tranquil. After looking at the 4 achre stretch and taking a couple of pics we headed back. Oghhh, i felt really sick when we arrived home 2 hours later.
We headed to the school for chore number 2 of the day, buying shoes. We had asked the teachers to get the sizes of all the classes, around 140 students. Fred accompanied us to town to the really bust second hand market. Harassment and marriage proposals here were as plentiful as the shoes. We gave one of the stall ladies our list and after 1 hour of back and forth's and re-counts we left with 140 pairs of new shoes for 42300 KES.
We are now in Merica after more shopping to change the ill fitting footie tops and shopping for goodies for Wednesdays party bags.

Rushing through this an t'internet keeps going down and im scared ill loose all my blog - AGAIN. Not long now till i see y'all. Much love.