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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Nov 2011

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

MapI've been here in LA since Tuesday - the weather is almost as hot as it was in Palm Springs. It was an interesting experience going back to the same hostel after nearly 7 weeks - the last time I arrived here everything was pretty new. I'd only been in the states just over a week, I'd just picked up the car, and staying in a hostel was a new experience. This time I felt like a different person - so much more confident and therefore enjoying the whole thing even more than the last time.
Like last time, I had a package waiting for me. The chest strap on my rucksack came off without me realising it, probably in San Francisco. I emailed Lowe Alpine and they sent me a replacement, free of charge - good service or what!!
The hostel I'm staying at here is very friendly, just like last time. There's something going on most evenings - the first night was live music, which was excellent, and yesterday afternoon/evening I went on a walking tour of the Hollywood hills, which had excellent views of the city and the ocean. It was even relatively clear for a change. There was a movie premier going on at the Chinese Theatre when we got back to Hollywood Bvd, with the red carpet and all the glitz, but we didn't see anyone famous.
Yesterday was the last full day I had the car. I decided to go back to Santa Monica as I'd missed the sea. Two girls from the UK came with me and we had a good day. The best bit for one of them was meeting Paul Weller. He was there visiting his daughter so we chatted to him and I took a photo of her with him.
Today I've been catching up with domestic chores. I posted a box of stuff home to Alice, to make more room in my rucksack, did some washing, and took the car back to LA airport - boo hoo! I'll miss being able to drive everywhere. And will be very tempted to get an automatic when I get home! I also managed to track down an internet cafe where I could put some photos on my blog.
So tonight's the last one in the west. I get the train tomorrow evening to New York. Three nights - 2 to Chicago then one more to New York. I haven't made any plans yet for what I'm going to do in the east. I want to go to Niagara Falls (may have to rent a car) and would also like to go to Washington and Boston. There's plenty of time to do some planning on the train.
I heard about the snowstorm they had over there recently, so am expecting it to be a lot colder.
So I'll sign off now and will be in touch again in New York.