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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Nov 2011

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Map My last two and a half days in DC were spent in museums, as it rained on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Thinking back, I've had very little rain over the past 3 months, so can't complain! By the end of my stay I was museumed out and my head couldn't take much more! There is just so much to see and everything is presented so well.
Highlights included: At the Museum of Air and Space - the real Apollo 11 command module plus other actual space vehicals; a huge display of the most signficant aircraft in the history of flight, from the Wright Brothers' Flyer all the way through to a model of the proposed passenger space vehical; a large screen showing the last space shuttle launch, which loads of people watched, although everyone, including me, must have seen several times; some amazing photos of far distant galaxies; and the USS Enterprise - the actual model they used to make the TV series.
At the Hirshhorn museum, which was modern and contemporary art: a huge Andy Warhol collection called Shadows, the first time it's been exhibited all together.
At the Castle, which is actually the visitor centre, a room called America's Treasure Chest, which was an eclectic mixture from all the museums and ranged from very ancient works of art to a stuffed peacock and a model of Concorde.
At the National Museum of American History: the original star spangled banner, an exhibition of dresses from all the first ladies, and Dorothy (Judy Garland)'s ruby slippers. These reminded me that she said "There's no place like home" and again, I wondered where that is!
At the Natural History Museum: the meteorites, minerals, gems, mummies, the ocean. Too much to take in!
At the National Gallery of Art: Rodin's Thinker and The Kiss, and a Jackson Pollock.
I arrived here in Boston at a quarter to midnight on Thursday. The hostel room is the smallest I've been in and the showers are pretty useless, so this is the worst hostel I've been in. But it's better than camping in the cold, with no facilities and the threat of bears! Boston is an interesting city. There's loads of history here, and a mixture of old buildings which are small, intermimgled with very high modern ones. On Friday I followed the Freedom Trail arround the city, which was a good way of seeing the sights and learning some history. I also had a very interesting conversation with an old guy who looked (was?) a down and out. He was a retired chef and we had a long talk about food! I saw him again yesterday and he asked me to send him some recipes!
Friday was "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving, when there are loads of sales in the shops. So I did some shopping!
So I'm going back to New York today, for the last part of my trip. I can't believe it's nearly over. I'm looking forward to going back to the UK, to see everyone and to wear some different clothes and shoes! I'll try to do at least one more blog before I leave New York, on Thursday 1 December.
For those of you who like to see my photos, you'll have to wait till I get back. I tried to download some yesterday but need to transfer them to my memory stick first, and the stick is full! I have got another one, but I think it will be easier to wait. But I'll definitly put some Baltimore, Washington and Boston photos on my page in December.