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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Dec 2011

Location: New York, New York, USA

MapWell, my trip has just about come to an end! I've checked in on line, got my boarding pass and booked a shuttle to the airport, so I've got a few hours left in New York before I fly back to reality!
I've enjoyed my last few days in New York. I've been to the Met (Metroplitan Museum of Art), Brooklyn and the Bronx. I've checked out Macy's Christmas window, to see if it's a s good as Fenwick's in Newcastle (it wasn't) and met more interesting people.
The Bronx tour was interesting - it's a poor area of the city, mainly Hispanic people. Totally different to Manhatten. After the tour I decided to stay in the area and go to the Bronx Zoo (which is free on Wednesdays). The 20 minute wait in the subway, then the train ride to the zoo was slightly unsettling, as I was the only white person there!
But many of you won't believe the next bit: what did I do on my last night in New York? Go to a party with free booze? No - I went to a church service!!! One of the tours on offer was a trip to Harlem, to experience a gospel choir, at the Abbyssinian Baptist Church. This was a very enjoyable experience (don't worry, I haven't been converted) and not only dId I enjoy the singing, but also the sermon!
So I'm off to the Guggenheim Museum today, as my shuttle to the airport doesn't pick me up till late afternoon, for a 21:40 flight back. I'll do a final entry when I'm back in the UK, and will also put the last of my photos on the page.