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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2011

Location: Bristol, UK

MapThis will be my last entry for my travels in America.
I enjoyed my last day in New York, although I never did go to the Guggenheim Museum, as it is closed on Thursdays. So instead I spent much of the day walking in Central Park. I also went to see the Christmas Tree at the Rockerfeller Centre, which didn't look as spectacular in the daylight as it did on the TV on Wednesday night. But I did see some amazing Xmas windows on 5th Avenue.
While in Central Park I watched the filming a movie called The Longest Week, starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde. The scene at the fountain is the one I watched. (I've got a photo if anyone is interested)
My journey back to the UK was uneventful and quite quick (I'd done several longer train journeys), especially as I slept for a good part of it, and didn't even finish watching a movie with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford! Alice met me at Heathrow and I'm now staying with her and Jay in Bristol.
I've no idea what comes next - I'm still living one day at a time. But this trip has been amazing and I hope I've come back a slightly different person (including being at least 10 lbs lighter!).
I hope you all keep in touch, so I can tell you when and where my next adventure will be! XX