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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012

Location: Beaune, France

MapI'm currently on a camp site in Beaune, which is in the Burgundy region of France, just south of Dijon. This is the main place for Burgundy wine, so guess what - I'm going on a wine tour this afternoon! Beaune is a small medieval town with loads of wine caves (cellars), some of which I intend to visit before I leave. I went out for a typical local meal last night, of Bourgingone salad (including 6 escargots, ham, sausage, poached egg), then Beauf Bourgingone, 3 cheeses, then creme brulee. All really yummy but I didn't need breakfast this morning! I'd forgotten how nice French food is. And the wine, of course!
I had a straight forward crossing from Dover to Calais, then drove down to Reims for my first night, in a hostel. I spent a very pleasant evening in Reims - the cathedral has some amazing windows and is huge, and there were some musicians playing outside, which was very relaxing.
I'm enjoying the driving so far - driving on the right hand side has come back very easily to me, even though it's 9 months since I drove in the States. The peage from Calais to Reims was really expensive so I'm avoiding them and sticking to smaller roads. There's not much traffic, apart from lorries on some sections, so I can still make good progress, especially as I'm trying to conserve fuel by not driving too fast.
The camp site I'm staying on here in Beaune is very good, and has free wifi - I hope there's many more like it. So far no "camping in the freezing cold with the threat of bears" - it's getting warmer and warmer! Don't know what the Alps will be like, though. I'm heading to Chamonix tomorrow for a few days hiking. Hopefully I'll have some photos by then.