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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Oct 2012

Location: PENRITH, UK

MapIt's very exciting! I fly out to Kathmandu on 14 October for 3 weeks in Nepal. This will be the most challenging trip I've done so far. Mera Peak is 6476m (21247ft) and it's going to be cold! In fact I'm off again "camping in the freezing cold with the threat of bears" and yeti!!! Hope my merino wool base layers, double layer mountaineering boots and down jacket do the job. And I'm taking some hand warmers!
I probably wont have time to do a blog entry when I get to Kathmandu on Monday but will try to do one when I return from the climb on 1 November. I'll put some photos on the page when I get back to the UK.
The flight goes via Doha, in Qatar. I have to confess I had to Google it to find out where it is. The internal flight from Kathmandu to Lukla should be interesting - I kind of wish I hadn't watched the YouTube videos now!
Anyway - watch this space.