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Vicki’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jul 2015

Location: Penrith

MapAfter a two year gap I'm setting off to lead another school expedition, this time to India. There are 10 students, between the ages of 16 and 18, and I have a teacher and an assistant leader, so there are 13 of us.
I'm travelling down to Uxbridge today, ready for the final preparation day tomorrow. We fly to Delhi on Tuesday evening then after a night there, fly to Leh, in the Ladakh region of Kashmir - in the Himalayas. We've got 2 community projects, which I'm very excited about. One is at a school, helping to teach English, and the other is at a village where we will be helping to build a greenhouse so that food can be grown all year round in the harsh conditions. We're also doing a 5 night trek, which takes us up to 5000m, and we're ending the trip by doing some sight seeing - the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Delhi. I suspect access to the internet will be almost none existent in the Himalayas but I'll do my best to update when I can. Watch this space.