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Jaekus’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Aug 2011

Location: San Francisco, USA

MapSo after our travels through Yosemite we made our way to San Francisco. Thus place is really cool. Hung out drinking with some backpackers from all over the world (Germany, England, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway, Japan and USA) last night (the hostel put on free drinks for everyone!) and found out that all bars close at 2am. WTF?!

This morning Byron and I have had breakfast at a cool little bar calked OZ Lounge. They have a live jazz band playing, they're very cool indeed.

San Francisco is a really cool place from my first impressions. A bit of a cross between Brisbane's South Bank and West End with Melbourne's CBD (and weather :P) I can tell it's going to be a great few days here :-)