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Mr Tate’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Sep 2011

Location: Narita - Yokohama, Asia - North East

MapWell we safely arrived at Narita airport at arount 4:20pm Japan time (8:20pm NZ time) and met up with Sam Rawstorn (Scots College old boy, now the International Programme Coordinator at Toin). He kindly escorted us to the bus that took us for a 3.5 hour ride to Toin Gakuen in Yokohama. We were all very tired when we got there... the bys then introduced themselves in Japanese to their host families and were taken away to their Japanese homes. I am sure the boys were a little nerves but the families all looked very kind and welcoming.

I myself am staying the the Toin dormatory. Once I got there I introduced myself briefly, had a bath and went straight to bed! I hope the biys did the same...

Anyway, the next update soon to come!