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Mr Tate’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Oct 2011

Location: Toin Gakuen - Yokohama, Japan

MapWhen I arrived at Toin at 8:40 today the boys were already quietly waiting in the TIES (Toin International Exchange Students) room. They had had their first Japanese homeroom experience earlier at 8:20 this morning where they learned the formal routine of standing, bowing and stting down at the start of class. They weren't yet very confident when they were asked to lead that routine themselves in the TIES room later. Milan told me that the students kept asking him questions in Japanese and English. The Scots boys will be the centre of the attention for a while until the Japanese students get used to them.

Some of the boys are still adjusting to the culture shock of being the only foreigners (apart from the teachers) in the whole school, and of course their difficulty in communicating with their homestay families. These things take a while to get used to.

We had our first lunch at the school cafeteria. Each boy gets two lunch tickets each day to use at the cafeteria. Of course all this is payed for by the school. Andy was quite relieved when he found out that he wouldn't have to use all his spending money on school lunches. They have a relatively good selection on the luch menu from Japanese curry, rice dishes and noodle dishes. They also serve crepes, but unfrotunately not today... all the boys found something they liked. Jamie thinks he is going to eat just rice each day. I hope not. He did have curry today and seemed to enjoy it.

So far the boys seem to be enjoying themselves in spite of some of them expressing their worries of how to interact with their host families without English. They are being careful and respectful as expected and as long as they keep this up they will have a wonderful experience here.

Hopefully the photos of the boys etc will be coming soon. I have taken some photos but I unfortunately I managed to bring the wrong charger and USB cord so I am going to have to buy a new one somewhere. Luckily it is a Japanese camera so I am thinking it shouldn't be too hard to find one. Fingers crossed!! If I cannot, I will have to send you some of the photos the boys took instead.

The boys have now gone to spend the weekend with their host families. I will post again on Monday (hopefully with photos).


Tate Sensei