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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Sep 2011

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

MapYesterday I spent sightseeing Wellington, starting with a short tour by my B&B host, Brian, and finalising my travel arrangements for the next leg, which will see me crossing to the South Island. I also visited a fascinating project called Zealandia, which is a wildlife reserve created in the centre of the city and totally surrounded by a 8km predator-proof fence to protect the largely ground-nesting birds (including the kiwi), some of which have been close to extinction.
Tomorrow, I set off for the South Island for a 4-day, 48 mile walk on the Queen Charlotte Track, one of many popular hiking/tramping tracks in NZ. Getting to the start is probably the most complicated part: train, shuttle bus to ferry terminal, 3.5 hour ferry across the Cook Strait, then finally a shorter boat ride to Ship Cove, where Captain Cook first set down.

But first, the big game this evening! Good luck Wales!