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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Sep 2011

Location: Anakiwa, New Zealand

MapToday was the final day of the tramp, from Portage to Anakiwa, about 14 miles. From high points, there were views of Picton away in the distance and the ferry heading back to Wellington. I have again been lucky with the weather, sunny all day.
Anakiwa is the first place on the walk that has actual residents, with about 50 homes and a small school; there is also an Outward Bound School and almost my first sight was of a group of 'students' (all adults) at the end of a run walking into the sea fully clothed! I suppose it is character-forming, or something. I am staying at Anakiwa Backpackers, small but an ideal location right by the sea, very comfortable and everything spick and span - highly recommended.
Tomorrow is an early start as I head back to Picton then Wellington.