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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Sep 2011

Location: Picton, South Island, New Zealand

MapOn the subject of the local wildlife, I am no ornithologist but it has been fascinating to hear and see some of the native New Zealand birds as I walk through the forests. There is the tui, a black bird with a large white fluffy tuft at its throat (also known as the parson bird), the fantail, a tiny bird but with a very large white tail that fans out as it flies, and the South Island robin with a brownish body and long tail, nothing like the UK robin.
This morning, I was up early to catch a ride at 5.50am with the local postman to get from Anakiwa back to Picton for the ferry back to Wellington and back into the rugby action!
The Queen Charlotte Track was a very enjoyable walk, with great views. The weather was kind and there is an advantage to being here off-season - no difficulty in getting accommodation and no queues for the bathroom at the backpackers lodges! The difference in the seasons here from the UK is also apparent - the daffodils and magnolia are in bloom.