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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Sep 2011

Location: Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand

MapI spent a quiet weekend around Stratford after the exertions of my mountain trip.
I visited the 'Pioneer Village' near here, which is a bit like the Welsh National Folk Museum at St. Fagans, for those who are familiar with it; various historic properties (all built of wood) have been dismantled and re-assembled in the Village.
I also visited the fascinating privately run Tawhiti Museum, which has many excellent models and displays telling the history of this area, particularly from the 19th century when there were big battles between the local Maoris and the incoming settlers from Europe, who wanted the land (the Maori territories) for farming (see photos). The ramifications of that land 'steal' are still being addressed by current day NZ governments, returning certain land rights to the original Maori tribes and groups.
This afternoon I am heading for New Plymouth on the coast for the next Wales game, vs Namibia. Should be a good result for Wales! I will be in New Plymouth for the next 3 days.