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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2011

Location: New Plymouth, New Zealand

MapWalking in New Plymouth and a boat trip.
After the Wales game on Monday I had two days to explore New Plymouth. It is a well-presented town, originally established by a settler group from Devon. Walkers are well catered for, with many signposted walkways through the town. One such is the Coastal Walkway, which wends along the foreshore for about 4 miles. It was a sunny spring day and the walk is very popular with local walkers and joggers. Two distinctive features are the Wind Wand and the new Te Rewa Rewa Bridge (see photos).
Today I decided to take a local boat trip with Captain Chaddy out to Sugar Loaf Islands, which is a protected seal colony. The boat is an old seaside rescue boat from Bridlington in Yorkshire, originally built in Cowes on Isle of Wight. The Captain also fishes for crayfish (like lobsters) and uses the boat trip to service the craypots. On this trip, he caught several crayfish and also a writhing octopus! It was an eventful trip, full of surprises, and I did actually get to see some seals!
Tomorrow, I move on to Hamilton, the venue for the next Wales game against Fiji. I will travel via Waitomo, with its famous glow-worm caves.