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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Oct 2011

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

MapJust like Rhondda rain, and a very rough sea crossing.
Since Hamilton, I have been travelling. The rain has been practically non-stop, reminds me of Rhondda rain! Well, it's better raining when I am on the road than when I am trying to do something outdoors. It was an 8 hour drive to Wellington from Hamilton, with no visibility this time when I was going past the mountains. Today, I took the ferry from Wellington to Picton on the South Island to spend a couple of days at Kaikoura, 2 hours drive further on. It was windy and raining and cumulative delays meant the ferry was more than 2 hours late, and it was a very rough crossing through the Cook Strait. The last hour of the trip was in the calm waters of Queen Charlotte Sound, which was very welcome.
The attraction in Kaikoura is primarily the wildlife - seals, dolphins and, hopefully, whales, which are seen regularly off the coast here.