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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Oct 2011

Location: Wellington/Waikanae, New Zealand

MapWith Jennie and Peter Young at Waikanae
I have spent the last 3 nights at the home of Jennie and Peter Young at Waikanae, which is about 60km up the coast from Wellington, on a direct train route of 1 hour. The hosting was arranged through the Trudi Gatland 'host the Welsh supporters' initiative. Arrangements were made for several supporters to stay in Waikanae and Jennie and Peter had 5 men staying with them, a houseful! Jennie and Peter had organised a welcome barbecue for everyone on Friday evening, so that was a great gathering, giving the opportunity to meet the other supporters and hosting families.
We were all very well looked after, fed at every opportunity and ferried to the train station and back on Saturday and Sunday for the rugby matches. This was a great commitment from them, which they fitted in with a busy work schedule running their 'Waikanae Kitchen and Joinery' business. (Peter is a great rugby fan and they have had their van specially decorated for the RWC - see photo.)
With many thanks to Jennie and Peter for their excellent hospitality,