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Robin John’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Oct 2011

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapThe semi-final.
What an amazing game! I have mixed emotions; how did Wales not win this game? Just one successful kick would have given them an historic win. The early sending off of Warburton spoiled the game as a spectacle, but it was a heroic performance by Wales, to come so close with 14 men. I am certainly proud of their achievement.
I have heard that the All Blacks routed the Wallabies, so it is all set up for a big showdown next Sunday. I'll certainly be shouting for the AB's.
I am now at Bangkok Airport on my marathon journey back to the UK, some 30 hours in total.
When I get back home I will write a final blog page trying to summarise my memories and impressions of my trip, but it has been a great adventure. Many thanks for all your feedback and encouraging comments.