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KJ’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

MapAlive and well in Kigali!
Yes, we arrived as planned and have been having a great time with only minor delays.
I think we were traveling for about 33 hours and only Brenda's suitcase is still missing, Rob got his after 4 days.
Kigali is calmer and cleaner and more modern than I expected and so far I have met only friendly, helpful people.
We visited Brenda's friend Franklin about an hour to the south of Kigali on Sunday and met his family and friends. We visited the Nyamata Genocide memorial which was sad and made the awfulness of that time more real. About 10,000 Tutsis were killed in and around the church and they have piled their clothes on the pews and around the alter and lined up the skull and femurs on shelves inside crypts behind the church. Sometimes you can see by the damage to the skull, how the person died... bullet, machete or club... brutal.
Yesterday, we went to Muhanga to see where the last container of supplies went. We saw the donated hospital beds in their emergency ward and a new library at the Nurse/Midwifery School where Brenda recognized some of the 15,000 books that she had helped to pack up last year. They were so grateful and the librarian lady was so proud of how she had set the place up. It was cool. They said the donation came at "Just the right time." Last year, Rwanda changed their official language from French to English and they were wondering where they could get English textbooks to replace the French ones they had. Then the donation came and they had a new library!
We also saw some new babies and a premie in an incubator using the oxygen concentrator that was donated... :) Outside some school kids enjoyed the bubble wand Brenda brought and getting their pictures taken by me. "Let me see!" was the cry. It was fun.
We thought we had time to make it to a big local market before dark, so we hopped on the motorbike taxis and zoomed up on of the thousand hills hills. It was further than we realized and was dark when we left, but it was amazing and we are going to go back when it is light.
got to catch the bus now...
Today we get to go to an orphanage, should be lovely.
Hope you are well.
p.s. the plum juice here is delicious.
oxo kj