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KJ’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

MapHey, two posts in one day! :) I found the internet cafe.
Well, the orphanage was a bit of a bust because we arrived when they were all at school. I guess it's a good thing they get to go to school.
We did entertain a few kids from the community with our bubble wand and they entertained us with the alphabet song and their National Anthem. We got to go on bicycle taxis on dirt roads to get there. It was kind of fun trying to communicate in broken English, French and Swahili with the bicycle drivers. Mostly got as far as "my name is..." but still building bridges. :)
The next stop, was the GO Rwanda office, who The ONe person Project works with here. There were kids there too, more singing and dancing (including me) and gave some gifts (including Ironman finisher shirts from 2008. It was cute to see a baby just walking with a "finisher" shirt on.
We found a yummy indian place for dinner and met a friend there.
Tomorrow, the main genocide memorial in Kigali and back to the market! Baskets and bananas anyone?