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KJ’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Oct 2011

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

MapHey All,
Alive and well after a wonderful whirlwind safari!! The books got to Moshi fine and I left on time from there for a 3-day race across the Serengeti. After a slow start, stopping at a few tourist traps, and overnighting a ways away from the Ngorongoro Crater and a foggy morning start the next day, when I thought I wasn't going to see a thing at all.... all of a sudden, just inside the gate.... an elephant!! He looked right at me and we had a moment. :)
Then Zebras! Baboons! Gazelles of all types! Lions! Cheetah! Cape Buffalos! Wildebeests! Warthogs! Hippos! and finally a rhino and baby (way in the distance) and then at last Giraffes!! It was amazing... if the place wasn't so big (19km across) I would have thought I was at a zoo. It was kind of surreal seeing things up close that I've only seen on TV... oh yeah, Ostriches! (they're huge!). It will be hard to top that day for the amount of pure wonder it provided.
The next days in the Serengeti were also great, but things were fewer and farther between... but we finished off the "Big 5" with a long (eventually successful) search for a leopard! whew.
The last day was an epic bus trek back to Kahama in the Land Cruiser at 6:30 am, saying good-bye to my guide and personal cook (having one of those was kind of cool, but kind of awkward). They put me on the normal bus to Mwansa, then I got on what I like to call the sardine-bus, because there were about 28 people in a minivan... one seat for me and my back pack...mmm. Then a bigger bus I will call the B.O. bus, thankfully a nice guy was my seat-mate and he let me have the window seat about half way.
shoot... internet time is running out quick. I will be off to Kigali on MOnday. Hopefully, I can update this again before long. We've had terrible luck with the electical grid here. I am writing this by generator.... got to go. oxox kj tummy troubles all gone :)