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Annette H’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2011

MapHi all
About to get ready to head south for Christmas. It has been such a busy and hectic holiday but this will be realx time. I've uploaded some photos of Machu pichu and Wayna Pichu to prove I was really there :)

The night before we were about to head to the top of the mountain it rained quite heavily. I was sort of hoping it woudl not stop so I would have a good excuse not to go .....but it stopped and the heavens cleared for us. We all were sort of feeling a bit funny in the stomach which we put down to nerves for teh climb because it was a really tough steep walk but we headed off and did it without complaints. In fact we were quietly surprised at how well we did it ....just over an hour up and under an hour back. the estimated time is 2 hours return. So considering we wre not the fitest of people and not used to altitude we didn't to a bad job

after we finished the walk and about to hop on the bus the top of the mountain was clouded in, we were very lucky to have made the walk with clear skies.

I have spent the last few days feeling less than average with what I suspect is a tummy bug. So I will ahve to update you all on the spectacular Macchu Pichi leg later.

bout to hit the hay get some sleep .....

love to yo all