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Annette H’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Dec 2011

Location: Pehuje , Chile

MapWell today is Christmas and not how I expected it to be. It is like any other day which is dissapointing for me because Christmas in my little family was always a bit of a special day. But it is also great to share it with Doug and his family ... Apparently santa knows I am in chile and left some stuff at Dougs for me .. so I have something to look forward to when we return to Santiago :) . The resort is just beyond belief. Everything is inclusive so I am making the most of the food, bars, pools, horses and bowling alley. the beauty treatments are extra but that has not stopped me from having a mud bath ...Which is probably similar to climbing into a dam on Woodies property and wallowing around in that (seriously) .....a coconut body scub....yeah that was pretty good, I smelt like a bounty bar, a facial, and a feeling very polished and glowing right about now. Today, Christmas day I woke at about 6 am ...which by chile time is bloody early ...and everything was dusted in what looked like snow. yep i thought I was having a white christmas but it was ash, volvanic ash. the volcano is still active and spewing out ash every day everything was covered in a grey powder which is not good for me wanting to take photos. my horse riding was cancelled as well... but i think i am a bit happy about that ... i have not slung my leg over a horse for hmmm perhaps 25 years....but we are booked for tomorrow. checkout is 11am but we can use the resort till 5pm so might manage another massage in there somewhere. then it is off to a little cabin down the road near dougs block...looking forward to that . He has some grand ideas for his house that he is going to build and it will be great to see where exacty thing mecca is going to go you all xxx