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Annette H’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Jan 2012

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapHappy New Year.

My holiday to Chile is all but over. But I must admit I am looking forward to coming home. It seems like a lifetime since I left and I am glad have kept a diary so I can remind myself of everything that has happened.

After the layover in Osorno we made our trip home the next day. We were all tired and ready for a sleep in our own beds...or as close to my own as I am going to get for a while

It was a mad dash to get clothes washed and things packed ready for the next chapter. Lake Rapel which is about an hour and a half from Santiago. This part of the trip was pretty much I managed to read three books, sleep a lot and eat a bit. I did manage to venture out on the stealth with a promise from Doug not to be a dick head with me on there because I promised him when I got out of the water I would "pound" him (pound being a threat my brothers used to use on me when I was young) I didnít have to worry though ...the lake was full of boats and jet skis and I was getting ready to up the speed when all of a sudden Doug is dragging me back in....and the lake users are all doing the same.....the Navy is doing its daily patrol and picking up those without licenses or registered boats....the lake goes quiet till that gets out of the way that time though it was time to have a beer and kick back and watch everyone else. Our cabin was right on the water, literally. Once you stepped over the threshold, you were above water, so each night I was lulled to sleep with the sound f the water lapping under the house and to top it off we had our own private pool. The lake was far too green for me to swim in so the pool did nicely to cool off now and then.

The Lake association or whatever they call themselves, the local council maybe, put on a great 20, minute fireworks display for the New Year. Doug made us park 2 kms away from it to watch it but it was great anyway. And for those who read my face book message wishing you all a happy new year.....feliz ano neuebe or something like that, well in actual fact I said happy new arsehole Australia. Doug neglected to tell me there is an accent over the n in ano......if it had one it would have been year...I did manage to wish some people a happy new arsehole, which set Doug into hysterics and Marisol into a bit of a panic trying to quiet me down....good thing we were in the car.... and once Doug settled down he corrected me.....(note to self: even though your brother is 40 it doesn't mean he is a grown up and will still set you up when he can )

So after 4 very relaxing days of eating sleeping and reading it is time to set off home to Santiago.
I now have three nights left before i hit Australia. a bit of catch up shopping tomorrow and then time to pack my bag.

So to one and all thanks for following my adventure, hope I haven't bored you too much.
Looking forward to catching up soon and showing some more pics :)

Love you xxxxx