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FoleyFamily’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Dec 2011

Location: Cuba

MapNothing too exciting today, Changed a bunch of money this morning, rode out to the beach, rode back a different way through a little fishing village (La Boca) on the way home and just after we arrived it started raining.

Some random thoughts from today:

#1 How we all laughed so hard at our "Cuban Casa Mama" telling the story (after I reminded her) of Mike Dyck getting super burnt and red at the beach the first day he and I were here. Went something like this" Numerous quickly spoken spanish words, MICHAEL TU ES MUY ROJO...More numerous spanish words...over and over agian" Man we all laughed!!!

#2 World wide news bulletin....CUBAN MILK SHORTAGE!! Every time we go to the corner store, a different lady every time, some times with kids some times without, ask me to buy them milk for their babies.... I say sorry and am always uncertain what the right decision is when it comes to begging. I tend not to want to encourage it and as Kaitlin punched me in the ribs when I told one lady she needed to find some work. Kaitlin found the whole situation very uncomfortable. I mentioned to Casa Mama and she confirmed that it was a scam, they sell the milk to someone else and buy fancy clothes or go to the disco.

#3 Last night Kaitlin and I are sitting comfortable in the internet place, calm, air conditioned, comfortable, good lighting, reading about home. Leave through the front door and BAM!!! the next 30 seconds include ....It's pitch black, we can't see anything....a brutal dogfight occurs in the street, someone yelling VERY loudly right behind us, ME yelling at Kaitlin WATCH OUT FOR THAT BUS!!! as the bus almost runs over Kaitlins feet.... and then we walk quietly back to our casa... no, we're not at home anymore....this is Cuba!!! Fantastic memories!!!!

Trying to plan our trip out tomorrow but the Campismo half way between here and Cienfuegos is booked and the only two options ar another hotel 25km from here resulting in a 60km ride the next day to Cienfuegos???? or just take the bus again to Cienfuegos if the hotel is not available as nobody but me thinks its a great idea to ride 85km on our first day of riding together....hmmmm.